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PRINCE AGRI PIPES, FITTINGS, BALL VALVE & ELASTOMERIC PIPE SYSTEMS Agricultural Pipes - are manufactured in accordance with IS-4985 covering a complete range from 20mm to 400mm. They are available in pressure ratings of 2.5,4,6,8,10 & 12.5 kg/cm2 as defined in IS 4985. The pipes are provided with plain socket and suitable for solvent cement joining & Elastomeric Sealing Ring Socket joint. Fittings are manufactured as per IS 7834 from 20 mm to 250 mm.
Their main application is in agriculture, for water supply, drip irrigation & sprinkler lines etc., as well as for drinking water distribution. However, these can also be used in cable ducting, ventilation pipes lines, slurry lines etc. These are available in light grey colour with nominal length of 6 mtrs.

Tensile Strength : 415 - 525 kg/cm2  
Compression Strength : 550 - 910 kg/cm2
Flexural Strength : 680 - 1100 kg/cm2
Izod Impact Strength : 4-5 kg-cm / cm2
Shore Hardness : D65-85
Coefficient of Linear Expansion : 0.08 mm/M0C
Vicat softening Point : > 80° deg C
Max Operating Temperature : 60°deg C
Specific Gravity : 1.40 - 1.46
Water Absorption : < 4 mg/cm3



    Hazen - william's Flow Co-efficient Comparison
Pipe Material PVC A.C. G.I. C.I.
  Flow Coeeficient 150 130 110 100


Standards, Quality Control & Testing

The manufacturing and testing is done for

1) Pipes - in accordance with IS : 4985 - 2000

2) Fittings - in accordance with IS : 7834-1987 : for ISI marked fittings.

All the above pipes, except Non-pressure pipes are tested for potable water supplies in accordance with their relevant standards and as per the test methods give in IS : 12235.

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