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Product Details
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Prince Premium SWR Systems For all practical purposes, the best you can buy.


Prince Premium SWR Systems include a wide range of pipes and fittings which have an equally wide range of applications. Tougher and economical, PRINCE uPVC SWR pipes and Drainage Systems as well as for Vent Lines when compared to Cast iron and Asbestos Cement Drainage Systems. What's more,Prince Premium SWR Systems are approved by CPWD, MES, BMC, CIDCO, MHADA.

This product is certified with "Certificate of Conformity" from Kenya Bureau of Standard.


For SWR Drainage Systems at homes, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals as well as public places such as airports, railway stations, bus-stands, etc
For overflow lines and chemical waste lines at industries, dairy plants, food processing plants, etc.
For vent lines in drainage systems and in mining pits.


Right from the inherent properties of uPVC to a virtual lifetime of trouble-free performance, Prince Premium SWR Systems are far more superior to Cast Iron and Asbestos Cement drainage systems.

Corrosion Resistant : uPVC material is unaffected by most of the chemical and is rustproof.
Fire Resistant : uPVC is self-extinguishing and so special precautions are necessary during installations.
Longer Lasting: Longer lasting due to its inertness to most chemical and superior mechanical properties. Also, it remains unharmed by insects or rodents.
Smooth : Smooth inside surface insures effective discharge and high flow rate.
Light Weight : Easy to transport and handle.
Easy to install : Easy to install and less time consuming than CI or AC systems. Rubber ring sealing ensures leakproof joint.
Strong : Strong with high impact strength, can withstand rough handling.
Easy to maintain : Smooth inside bore and threaded door caps provide ease of inspection and cleaning.
Durable : No scale formations.
Economical : Economical in every way. All these advantages add up to a significant cost reduction.
Technicality : Backed up by technical services, offered by the company's trained personal.


Available in 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm Fittings


SOC = SOCKET (FEMALE) fittings
SPI = SPIGOT (MALE) fittings.

Available in Color

Light Gray, Dark Gray, Golden Brown, Ivory and White.


The toughest test comes at the performance stage. Prince Premium SWR pipes and fittings are specially designed to withstand the extremes from the freezing cold temperatures of the Ladakh to the blazing heat of Rajasthan. Continuous quality control is exercised on all the products, which conform to the following standard:

Pipes IS : 13592 SWR Injection Moulded Fittings Standard : IS 14735 : 1999
Fittings DIN : 19531 uPVC Pipe For Potable water supplies : IS 4985 : 2000
Rubber Rings IS : 5382 : 1985 UPVC Plumbing Pipe : ASTM D 1785





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